Pirate Kings Hack, Cheat, Mod, Tool [UPDATED] V1.3

Pirate Kings Hack, Cheat, Mod, Tool V1.3 [UPDATED] is finally here!


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Download Pirate Kings Hack Version 1.30|3.5MB


 What does this Pirate Kings hack do?

Current feature:

  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited spin
  • Anti-ban system
  • Can add proxy


Compatible for:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Facebook


How to use this Pirate Kings Hack, Cheat, Mod, Tool?

For iOS/PC or Facebook:

Step 1: Download and install the Pirate Kings hack (Takes less than 1 minutes)

Step 2: connect your phone with your laptop using USB port

Step 3: open the Pirate Kings Hack, Cheat, Mod, Tool V1.3

Step 4: Enjoy!

For mobile iOS/Android or Facebook through phone:

Step 1: Download and install the Pirate Kings hack app/apk (Takes less than 1 minutes)

Step 2: Open your Pirate Kings game

Step 3: open the Pirate Kings Hack, Cheat, Mod, Tool V1.3

Step 4: Enjoy!

Download Pirate Kings Hack, Cheat, Mod, Tool V1.3 [Updated] below:


Just like you, we are a Pirate Kings player and loves it so much that we want to have a little bit more. Hence, we created our own Pirate Kings Hack, Cheat, Mod, Tool for us to enjoy even more! During the development of this Pirate King Hack, Cheat, Mod, Tool, we had to make sure that it will work on all of our devices that included Android and iOS devices. Luckily, that’s what we come up with, it doesn’t require any Jailbreak or Rooted device. It works perfectly for us, what’s even cooler is that we have been using this hack tool for a long time and we are still safe. Which means that this Pirate Kings hack is COMPLETELY UNDETECTABLE!!

We hope that you will also have fun with the game as much as we did. Thus, we would like to share our Pirate Kings hack with you so that you play without waiting. You can now generate UNLIMITED cash and spins. This will drive your friends crazy! This Pirate Kings hack is top notch in the market and it out performs all the other Pirate Kings Hacks. 


What’s new in this Pirate King Hack, Cheat, Mod, Tool V1.3 update?

  • We have improved the by-pass the server side security and we made sure that it is fast and hack is still working on server side. It is most likely that even after the upcoming game updates the Pirate Kings Hack, Cheat, Mod, Tool V1.3 will continue to work because we added new by-pass server side security.
  • You are not able to add more cash and spins without logging in and out. If you feel like changing your mind after you add your cash or spin you can now edit and reduce the cash or spins based on your preference.
  • More private proxies have been added to support more players. Thus, please download and use this tool before proxies is max out!

Little history about Pirate Kings Hack

It’s been ages how game world has evolved, first we had Dreamcast, Gameboy, PlayStation and then Xbox. When computer and internet era hit the world, there has been flash games has been lurking around the corner for a long time. Slowly internet game has evolved and with the aid of fast internet connection and cloud server. More server side games such as the clash of the clan, Boom beach and Pirate kings game has hit the market.

Pirate Kings Hack were developed by a group of people call Jelly Button games and engineered engaging and attractive game for the player. The game is free to play and with cartoonish look, it suddenly got famous because large numbers of people started to invite their friends, it was an amazing referral system. It is mostly famous on country like Singapore, Middle East and Scandinavia. I guess anything with social media platform make things famous and popular. Now, with the help of Pirate Kings hack you can enjoy the game more meaningfully and playfully.

More about Pirate Kings Hack gameplay and its user-interface 

The fun part of this game is that it is online games which connects players with different players. It is very simple and easy to play with only few fingers. It makes use of the all the famous wheel which spins and randomly rewards players with cash, spins, raid for cash and attack.  This makes the game very complete because everyone is now competing for resources with friends and amount their connection. The daily spins, looting system and ranking makes this game successful because everyone around the network is slowly starting to compete with each other for more resources for better defense and rank. It’s actually hit the sweet spot of ‘human psychology’ where the game makes good use of reward and competition system to its advantage.  

What do you need to play this game?

First of all you need a good mobile but nowadays any mobile with internet connection is fine. It is currently available for iOS and the Android operating system. Then, you need a Facebook account, which I am sure more than half of this world has one. Next, all you have to do is get into the mobile game platform, then search “Pirate King” after that hit play, wala! You are now Pirate King Player! Welcome to the big family! Now, you can basically customize your island and you have a verity of choices. You will first start by choosing your own avatar and flags. Next, you are moved to wheels which awards you with prizes such as cash and attacks that could further aid your customization of your island. There are endless possibilities on the customization of your island and items you can utilize to rank on the top in your friend list or even compete with worldwide ranking.

Of course! Like many other mobile games it is free, but you wish to have better and better looking island you need to purchase game cash for it. Another way you can pimp your island is with our mods, hacks and tools provided by us. feel free to use our latest Pirate Kings hack.


  1. Do I get banned?

No! It cannot be detected. Hence, it is impossible for the admin to ban us.

  1. Is this Pirate King hack, cheat, mods and tools free?

Yes, it is completely free and easy to use.

  1. How long do I have to wait for hack, cheat, mods and tools to work?

There is no waiting time. All you need to do is download > install > use. Its instance!!

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Unlimited Coins

You can add unlimited coins and have option to reduce your coins.


Unlimited attack

You can now do more than one attack.


Unlimited Spin

You can now have option to do unlimited spins.