About Us


Thanks for visiting us at http://knightridderinfo.com/.

Who are we?

We are a group who loves to pay Pirate Kings games. We love this game so much that we developed mods, hacks and cheats to help us better enjoy the game.

Let’s just be real, we all don’t want to spend lots of cash to buy free spins and attacks. Thus, out of necessity we team up with professional coders and programmers to create these mods, cheats and hacks. Since we play Pirate Kings every day and use our hacking tools everyday, mods and other tools are always up to date.  If they are patched we will update it in a day because with the tools the game is so much more fun!

Why are we sharing this awesome tools?

We all understand how frustrating it is when you are finally hooked in this game and next minutes you know you are out of spin and have to wait for days! Therefore, we thought why not share it with true players who enjoys playing this games as much as we do.