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For iOS/PC or Facebook:

1: Download and install the Pirate Kings hack (Takes less than 1 minutes)

2: connect your phone with your laptop using USB port

3: open the Pirate Kings Hack V5. 3

4: Enjoy!


For mobile iOS/Android or Facebook through phone:

1: Download and install the Pirate Kings hack (Takes less than 1 minutes)

2: Open your Pirate Kings game

3: open the Pirate Kings Hack V5.3

4: Enjoy!

What does this Pirate Kings hack do?

Current feature:

Unlimited spin

Unlimited cash

Anti-ban system

Can add proxy

Spy Island


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Pirate Kings Hack

The growth of mobile applications has been center of an attention for these years and era of mobile. In such a short period of time the equipment and the resources have undertaken on such a huge change. Gaming application market and platforms of entrainment that we have been playing with has been developing more vastly than ever as well.  Moreover, the popularity of playing game on mobile and its applications has become a must to do on the phone. Nowadays, it is very hard to find a people who don’t play any kind of game on their mobile phone.

There are numerous reasons why mobile gaming applications has been becoming so famous in past few years.  One of the primary reasons is social aspect and sense of belonging in that group of social aspect. Most of the popular mobile games make most use of this aspect, providing high level of interaction with user’s network and community while they are playing the game. You can often see the notification in your Facebook page someone inviting you to play game. Jelly Button Games’ “Pirate Kings” is the prime example which got very famous by utilizing such social aspect and getting involved and engaged user’s network in the game.

About Pirate Kings

Jelly Button Games are group of game developer, where they have crafted an engaging and addictive game called “Pirate Kings” which attracted lots of users to invite their friends and play the game together. The success of this game comes from the critical factor user involvement and ripple or snowball effect of invitation chain in social networks like Facebook. This game made huge impact on countries such as Middle East, Singapore and Scandinavia, for example in Middle East the game has ranked no.1 in the most played mobile gaming application.


To play Pirate Kings there are few requirements that you need to meet. Of-ours first of all you need mobile phone which can play games, nowadays any mobile will do. The game is ready to download in most of the app-store such as Android and iOS mobile platforms. Then after you download the game, you need to login into game with your Facebook account so that you can connect with your friends for multiple player play. Last but not least, you need an internet connection so that you can be online, after all it is an online game. One thing to keep in mind that although the game is free but you can still make purchase in the game for more advanced option and more customization to suit your needs if you wish to use real money to play game in the later stage. So for now the Pirate Kings is a free to play.

Without a doubt this makes Pirate games the most addicting and stunning multiplayer game that are available in the mobile game market. For players who need a bit of an assistance with resources to enjoy the game they are more than welcome to use our pirate kings hack. You can search the term pirate kings hack on most on your favorite search engine and without a doubt we will be your first choice which will let you enjoy the game with your friends.

Gameplay along with Interface

Great thing about this game is that it uses the interface which is very traditional to pirate and provide cartoonish design and style, which makes everything very cute and attractive. As, a result it attracted millions of users all around the world.  It is a multiplayer game where allows user to interact with their friend daily with the interface with dynamic wheel which spins and gives you an options to gold, attacks, spins, loots etc. The most important part of this game is the spins which decide what you can do with it but most of all lets be frank most important aspect of this game is still our friend, user can see how their friend’s island look like and gives an options to loot, attack and compete with their friends.  This makes user to engage more into the game play and provide friendly competition.

Customization Options

The customization possibility in this game is infinity. First, you can chose your own avatar and you can also create your own personal flags and avatars by choosing built in options. Wheel will lets you win different prizes which you can use it to customize your island more and it refreshes hourly. Every day, you can take part in mini game which lets our win some special items. Oh! Don’t forget about the bonus sipping wheel where you can spin anytime you want. As mentioned above there is endless possibility in Pirate Kings. With thousands of rare items for you to grab and customize with pirate kings hack.



The Answer is “YES!

  1. Is it safe?

Yes! it is safe. It cannot be detected at all.


  1. Is this Pirate King hack, cheat, mods and tools free?

Yes! It is completely free and easy to use.


  1. Can I use this hack instantly?

Yes! It is at quick as 1.2.3 steps!


  1. Will there be more support to this hack?

Yes! We are constantly keep it updated.



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